Varimax Solutions is a leading provider of products and services designed to maximize the value of energy expenditures associated with lighting a facility. We offer options for reducing energy consumption while improving the performance of the lights. Combining experience in energy management, lighting design, project management and project financing, we offer hands on support to organizations who are motivated to reduce energy consumption. We analyze lighting operational objectives, define areas of improvement, provide sourcing services, arrange financing solutions and coordinate rebate programs.

Our Focus

Our goal for reducing the consumption of energy is to focus on improving the efficiency of the lights inside and outside of a building. In our experience, a well-designed lighting solution is a powerful way of conserving energy while maintaining or increasing light quality and performance.

When you consider that upwards of 40% of an organization’s energy costs are associated with delivering artificial light inside and outside of a building, it makes good sense to take a close look at what the financial impact would be if the building utilized more energy efficient lighting. Varimax Solutions’ expertise is in evaluating the potential impact of a lighting upgrade solution.

Our process includes:

  • a comprehensive lighting energy audit
  • an evaluation of possible lighting solutions/products to reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • development of a business case for a lighting upgrade
  • research and application for third party grants and subsidies
  • sourcing and procurement of lighting hardware
  • project financing
  • project management and
  • product installation.


As part of our obligation to you – our client, Varimax Solutions will promote your improvement initiatives to identified investors, customers and staff.


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